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Why You Should Replace your Siding

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Having and owning a nice home is one of the biggest goals we all strive to achieve when we are finally out on our own and have a solid foot on the ground. What isn’t told to us is how much maintenance can actually go into your home, or what to do to prevent issues from happening, which can in turn cost a fortune to get fixed. We have talked about how it is super important to check your roof to make sure that there is no damage happening to your home, but now we are going to discuss why replacing the siding on your home can be just as important. Here at 663 Exteriors we take pride in our work and how we treat our customers. That is why we want to share with you some of the benefits of replacing your siding regularly, so that you know what you will be getting out of our services once you call.

When the siding on your home is old and cracked and it needs to be replaced, don’t be afraid to go for it. There are many benefits that you can get from simply replacing your old siding like the dramatic improvement it will have on your home’s appearance. Everyone wants to have a nice looking home, especially since that is where you will spend a majority, if not, all of your time. When you replace your old worn siding with new and proper siding it will keep your home looking nice for a long time. Depending on the siding you choose, it could have UV ray protection built right into it. Keeping the color of your siding vivid for as long as possible.

Another benefit would be the money that you save on bills. That’s right, having old siding on your house can affect how much you are paying for the heating and cooling in your house. Getting new siding allows the contractors a chance to look at the insulation you have on your home and fix it if need be. Plus, even if the contractors don’t add extra insulation, the new siding will prevent your home from losing its warmth or keeping its cool during the appropriate months.

No one wants to find out that they have structural damage in their house. Old siding can cause water to get into your walls and cause wood to rot and water to pool into your windowsills. This type of water damage can be especially tricky to get rid of and it isn’t cheap either. That is why it is so important to make sure you are doing inspections on your home. This will ensure that even if you do have damage, it gets taken care of in a proper amount of time before anything can get too bad.

Last but not least, replacing your siding can have a dramatic increase on your home’s resale value. New siding, a new roof, really anything that you can do to improve the look of your home will attract potential buyers. And the great thing about replacing your siding is that it recoups over 90 percent of its cost when it is finally time to sell your home.

At 663 Exteriors we offer products from some of America’s most trusted manufacturers, GAF and CertainTeed, because we want to provide our customers with top notch service and products that we trust. If you are looking to do some home improvement projects take a look at our services page, and if you see something that interests you contact us online or call us at (330)466-6920 and inquire about it today! We offer free estimates when you call in about any of your services.

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