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New roof for Apartment Complex in Wellington, Ohio

Step into the revitalization journey of a sprawling 50-unit, two-story apartment building in Wellington, Ohio, as 663 Roofing & Exteriors embarked on a mission to refresh its roofing on a partly cloudy day in September. Against the backdrop of shifting clouds and gentle breezes, our team set out to elevate the durability and aesthetics of this sizable property.

As the sun peeked through the partly cloudy skies, our dedicated crew began the meticulous process of shingle replacement. The ‘During’ images capture the dynamic interplay of sunlight and clouds as our team worked tirelessly to transform the complex, ensuring that every shingle was laid with the same level of precision and care.

The ‘After’ photographs reveal the impressive transformation — a revitalized apartment complex boasting fresh shingles that enhance both its durability and visual appeal. Against the backdrop of the September sky, the renewed roofing symbolizes quality and longevity. This Wellington project exemplifies our commitment to excellence on a large scale, showcasing how even the most extensive roofing endeavors can achieve stunning results under the expertise of 663 Roofing & Exteriors.

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