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Storm Damage Repair In Lakeside Marblehead

Providing Work For Wind, Hail And Storm Damage In Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio

For Residents of Lakeside Marblehead Ohio, wind and hail frequently damage exteriors of homes, condos, and apartments. In fact, wind and hail damage are the leading cause of roofing, exterior, and siding damage among Lakeside Marblehead residents. Trust us as your choice in storm damage repair companies. Why? We have experience working in your area, and understand how the lake effects you.

Due to the proximity of Lakeside Marblehead to Lake Eerie, there is a higher risk of heavy rain, which leads to damages. This is called the lake effect, and it can ruin your roof or siding. Luckily, us at 663 Roofing & Exteriors are here to help mitigate damages to your home.

Our trusted home improvement contractors are highly trained in accurately accessing damage to your home and coming up with the most cost-effective and durable solutions. Using time-tested Amish techniques and crafts, you can enjoy your roof again in no time. We also have several types of roofing materials, allowing you to make the roof that you want.

Many times storm damage repair in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio can be covered by your insurance provided, but navigating the insurance process can be confusing. 663 Roofing & Exteriors understands this and will work with the insurance company from start to finish to ensure your home is receiving the care and repair it deserves. Learn more about our insurance policies!

For insurance work and damage repair, make sure to contact us to begin the process of getting your home back to its original beauty.

How Does Wind & Hail Damage Affect My Home? What Is The Lake Effect?

When wind and hail damage strike your house, condo, or apartment, it can be difficult to measure the impact on your home. It’s important to understand the risks that wind and hail damage can have on your home, outside of initial exterior damage. 663 Roofing & Exteriors is experienced in identifying and diagnosing these issues to come up with accurate solutions.

Wind damage is most common after intense storms. Throughout Northeast Ohio, residents face heavy winds throughout the year and in a variety of seasons. Residents in Lakeside Marblehead additionally have to be careful of lake effect storms. This means that due to the lake being nearby, your home is at slightly more risk of storm damage.

How does the lake effect work? It begins with cool air passing over the warmer water in the lake. This causes heat and water vapor to fill the air much more quickly than in other areas. After a while, severe weather can begin. Leading to large amounts of rainfall or snow. This can leave your home worse for wear. However, we have years of experience working on lakefront homes. So, trust us to know how to approach your home, and help you repair and reinforce it!

Hail is also a common issue for many residents throughout Ohio. Hail is the culprit for a large amount of insurance claim cases every year. Hail is especially harmful to homes with older exteriors that are already beginning to break down. When you are looking for roof repair due to hail damage, choose us!

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Wind Damage

view of storm damage on a Lakeside Marblehead home

Wind damage is common across Ohio, especially around Lake Eerie. 663 Roofing & Exteriors can help you identify damage and work with you and the insurance company to properly file a claim and restore your home to its former look and appeal.

Hail Damage

view of storm damage on a Lakeside Marblehead home

Harsh weather can really do a number on your home’s exteriors, especially when the weather calls for hail. This is also compounded when you are located near a lake, like our clients in the Lakeside Marblehead area. Work with us to renovate and repair any damage to your home’s exteriors!

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