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storm damaged roof

Storm Damage Repair in Ohio

Providing Storm Damage Repair Services For Wind, Hail and Storm Damage

Storm damage can be devastating, causing significant harm to homes and businesses alike. At 663 Roofing & Exteriors, we specialize in storm damage repair and are committed to restoring your property quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s wind, hail, or water damage, our team is equipped to handle all types of storm damage repairs in Ohio.

Types of Storm Damage

Storms can bring a variety of damage, including:

  • Wind Damage: High winds can tear off shingles, damage roofs, and bring down trees and power lines.
  • Hail Damage: Hail can cause dents in roofing and siding, break windows, and damage vehicles.
  • Water Damage: Heavy rains and flooding can lead to leaks, mold, and structural issues.

Hail Damage

image of hail damage on Canton Ohio home

Hail strike on shingles.

Water Damage

some water damaged plywoord, roof leaks

Water damaged plywood under the shingles.

Wind Damage

storm damage on roof of wooster ohio home

Shingles dislodged by wind.

Comprehensive Storm Damage Repair

Our team will assess the full extent of the damage and develop a detailed repair plan. Our services include:

  • Roof Repair and Replacement: Fixing damaged shingles or installing a new roof if necessary.
  • Siding Repair: Repairing or replacing damaged siding to protect your home’s exterior.
  • Gutter Repair and Installation: Ensuring your gutters are functional to manage rainwater effectively.

Why Choose 663 Roofing & Exteriors?

  • Experienced Team: Our team has extensive experience in handling storm damage repairs in Ohio.
  • Quality Materials: We use high-quality materials to ensure durable and long-lasting repairs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring our customers are satisfied with the results.

Contact Us for Storm Damage Repairs

If your home has been damaged by a storm, don’t wait to get it fixed. Contact 663 Roofing & Exteriors today for reliable storm damage repair services in Ohio. Our team is ready to help restore your property and give you peace of mind.

Storm damage can cause significant stress and disruption, but with the right help, recovery is possible. Trust 663 Roofing & Exteriors for all your storm damage repair needs. We are committed to providing top-notch service and restoring your home to its best condition.

Storm Damage FAQ

In Northeastern Ohio, common types of storm damage include wind damage, hail damage, flooding, and damage from fallen trees or branches. These can cause untold damage on your home, make sure that you are prepared by connecting with us!

There are several preventative measures that can help protect your home!

  • Trim any overhanging branches or trees near your property
  • Secure outdoor furniture and loose items
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • Check your roof for any existing damage or leaks
  • Install a sump pump and/or backflow valve if your property is prone to flooding


Using these measures can help make sure your home is protected against anything. If you have any questions be sure to connect with us.

It can be hard to deal with the immediate repercussions with storm damage, but be sure to work quickly to ensure you are receiving all the help you can get!

Be sure to document all the damage, and make sure you and your family are safe. Afterwards, get in touch with us to help begin your repair process.

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover storm damage caused by wind, hail, and fallen trees. However, coverage may vary depending on your specific policy. It’s essential to review your policy and contact your insurance company for more information.

We are experts in dealing with insurance claims at 663 Roofing & Exteriors. So, get in touch with us to help guide you through the process.

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